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Fanout: Getting Started is fast, simple, highly available relaying service powered by Kubernetes and Docker and hosted on AWS. Our webhook relay serivce allows you to forward webhook data from a single endpoint to many. Getting started is as simple as logging into your dashboard and adding endpoints to the relay service.

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The Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to add, remove and edit your relay endpoints. It also contains additional integrations with if you have purchased them. The speedometers and charts are real time insights into your relay deployment's Pod resouce usage as well as your relay's network i/o.

Using Kubernetes and Docker allows for dynamic scaling of your pods when resource usage is at its highest and scaling down when traffic is reduced. AWS hosting gives your relay the best availability in the business and Kubenetes allows for nearly seamless updates and redeployments.

Managing Relay Endpoints

Log into your account and you will be directed to your Dashboard. This Dashboard contains integrations information as well as resource metrics for your own relay deployment.


The Notification Center will provide you with important information about the intergrations you have with

Account Details

In this panel you can edit your account details. If you need to change your primary email address, please Contact Us.